Shame of Bono’s charity bullies: Married female worker reveals how she was ordered to seduce a politician and was demoted when she refused


I remember when Bono started popping up with Tony Blair and the like at Davos and other gatherings. I cringed a bit. I hoped for the best. (I am a U2 fan and I consider Joshua Tree to be one of the top 20 rock records ever made.) But it looks like the worst, or maybe not the absolute worst, but certainly not good, has happened.

International charities can be an ugly business. Just ask the Clintons.

(From The Daily Mail)

Workers at a charity founded by U2 singer Bono have been subjected to a ‘toxic’ culture of bullying and abuse.

Bosses at the ONE charity have covered up the horrific allegations for years, but a major Mail on Sunday investigation has exposed a catalogue of humiliating incidents that has now sparked a multi-million-pound lawsuit.

In the worst case, a married woman says she felt pressured to have sex with an elderly Tanzanian MP.

When she refused, she was demoted to receptionist and had her salary slashed, she claims.

Taken together, the astonishing complaints depict an organisation driven by intimidation and contempt, with staff belittled and undermined, both in front of colleagues and in public.

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