Silicon Valley’s Ultimate Diversity Problem Is Ideological

This is a problem and I’ve seen it first hand. I am actually a senior fellow at Future 500 a San Fransisco think tank that actually has tried to embrace at least some ideological diversity. They are a great organization by the way. They kept me on the payroll for a good while even though I’m an unabashed libertarian writing about pro-market stuff every day. But there are too few Future 500s in Northern California.

(From Reason)

Earlier this year, the Lincoln Network, a Bay Area group that works to bolster libertarian and conservative workers in the tech sector, published a survey on diversity and cultural norms in Silicon Valley. The results are preliminary but stunning. In the wake of the controversy over the Damore memo, for instance, about half of self-described “moderates,” two-thirds of “libertarians” and 71 percent of “very conservative” respondents said they were less comfortable sharing ideological viewpoints with their colleagues.

Reason sat down with Lincoln Network co-founder Garrett Johnson to discuss his outfit’s preliminary study, why it’s bad to stifle ideological viewpoints in the tech world, and what it means that more survey respondents called themselves libertarian than any other term.

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