Socialist Hubris: Mao had all the crop eating birds killed in China, then a plague of locusts descended and millions of people died. (VIDEO)


There is no greater polluter than government. There is no greater destroyer of peace than government. There is no greater destroyer of human life than government. Below is an example of the type of thing that happens when the state takes over all facets of life.

The insanity and the fundamental impossibility of a “planned economy/society” was a lesson most of the West had learned. But unfortunately there are now people who again flirt with “socialism.” It is a shame, but understandable. People want to believe in heaven on earth. Some people have to believe. Thing is, humans can’t bring heaven on earth. But they certainly CAN bring hell.

Statism comes in many forms, regular socialism, National Socialism (Nazis),  theocracy, crony capitalism, and many others. But in all of these philosophies there is the exaltation of the state over the individual. There is a crony class (of one sort or another) and there are the everyday people who are exploited and who suffer.