Some millennials aren’t saving for retirement because they don’t think capitalism will exist by then (Good idea. Good luck with that plan)


In one sense these people are correct, because “capitalism” doesn’t exist now. We live in a highly regulated, highly taxed, crony capitalist system where those who are connected to the government in one form or another are advantaged. Our economy is manipulated by a central planning committee at The Federal Reserve which seeks to inflate prices (at least lately) to keep consumption and the debt system going. Ours is anything but a free market capitalist system. Socialism in many respects, with a crony class, the nomenklatura, a reality. And it has been reality for decades.

Sadly, history has shown that people do not tend to wake up and think, “Hey maybe we should lower taxes and make it easier for people to start businesses.” That sort of consciousness is a direct challenge to the crony, highly regulated system. No, people tend to double down on statism. They want to think that someone will deliver them. And the powers that be are always happy to oblige.

(From Salon)

Wood, 32, a political consultant, told me via Twitter that she felt similarly. “I don’t think the world can sustain capitalism for another decade,” she explained. “It’s socialism or bust. We will literally start having resource wars that will kill us all if we don’t accept that the free market will absolutely destroy us within our lifetime [if] we don’t start fighting its hegemony,” she added.

“Resource wars”? Start having? Ms. Wood that’s why wars have been waged for millennia. Water, oil, gold, coal. This is not new. And as we say above, we don’t have anything REMOTELY LIKE A FREE MARKET.

Most intriguing, many millennials said that their life plans, goals and careers had been affected by their expectations of the future and the dismal economic circumstances into which they were born. “I was someone who very much wanted to have children by age 35 and no longer think that [is] even a remote possibility, even with two parents,” Wood told Salon. “And having the role of parent so squarely removed from my trajectory of life possibility has made me take bigger risks and made me unlikely to take on any job just for the sake of my résumé.”

Good, take risks. But in a socialist society one doesn’t get to take risks. Just remember that. One might get some bread in one’s stomach and an ugly flat (if one is lucky) but “taking risks”? The hive mind won’t approve.

And “unlikely to take on any job just for the sake of my resume“? Wow, now that is a LUXURY. I certainly never got to indulge in that kind of entitled mindset. And things are bad for you?

I encourage our readers to read this essay, even though it is in Salon, to witness just the sheer disconnect of the author and the subjects of the piece. And remember – these people vote. And they are increasingly told that they have a claim on your life, your work, and your property.

They don’t.

This is what crony capitalism breeds. If people feel locked out of the system – whether it is legitimate or not – they will look to people (in government) to solve their problems. They’ve been taught that this is perfectly appropriate.

It’s not.

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