The $1.3 trillion omnibus bill shows why the populist revolution has to target Congress next


The author of the attached article gives Trump too much credit. Trump should not have signed the Omnibus bill. Period. It’s not ALL Congress’ fault. It’s Trump’s fault too. In fact he’s the guy who made it law.

(From Fox News)

Finally, and perhaps most depressingly for those on the right, there was the astonishing chutzpah of House Speaker Paul Ryan who, when asked by Ben Shapiro this week to set out the philosophical differences between conservatives and liberals, castigated the progressives’ ideology as being one that ends with “elites in Washington micromanaging our lives.”

Excuse me? What exactly is this monstrosity of a spending bill, other than yet another example of … elites in Washington micromanaging our lives?

Ryan, of course, knew only too well how appalled people would be by this giant spending bill and so tried to get his defense in early, claiming that the deadline meant it had to be passed despite its flaws. The budgeting process must be reformed for the future, he said.

No! It’s not the budgeting process that needs to be reformed! It’s the entire government.

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