Trump is taking the pitch for infrastructure spending to Ohio, Wants to spend $1.5 trillion, Conservatives cringe


Infrastructure is mostly a local issue. States and localities are responsible for their infrastructure for the most part. It is not a federal endeavor generally speaking. But President Trump wants to make it one. And to do this he is calling for $1.5 trillion (over 10 years) in new federal spending on “infrastructure.” This is not a good idea.

Where is this money supposed to come from first off? We’re going to borrow it? Well, you may have noticed that interest rates are creeping upward making the cost of borrowing such funds more expensive. Not that we don’t have over $20 trillion in debt already!

Secondly, reports say that the president is going to tout “public/private partnerships.” Here at AC2 News, formerly, we know a little about such “partnerships.” They are by their very nature crony. They are too often just vehicles for legal graft. “Public/private partnership” is a spin term used to obfuscate the fact that such partnerships are just old fashioned boondogglery. The connected will get the contracts. The taxpayer money will flow easily to contractors and unions alike. The cronies will get fat while the taxpayer gets skinnier.

A colossal works project is stupid. We’ve already spent WAY to much in Trump’s short tenure. The most recent Omnibus was a travesty. But now the President wants yet more?

No. That would be very unwise.

Trump is not a conservative. Some conservatives are going to have to come to terms with this.

(From The Hill) 

The White House has unveiled an infrastructure plan that calls for the use of public-private partnerships and funding from state and local governments to generate a $1.5 trillion rebuilding package that uses $200 billion in federal seed money.

Democrats have denounced the plan, arguing it does not include enough federal dollars to produce a meaningful infrastructure overhaul. They also argue it puts the financial responsibility for projects onto states and skirts the federal government’s historic role in rebuilding.

And see what this kind of spending proposal does? It gives the Democrats license to argue for even MORE spending. The spending that Trump is proposing ISN’T ENOUGH. The Dems want to spend even MORE of YOUR MONEY. Great.