Trump says he’d like to testify in Russia probe


I don’t think there’s anyone holding him back at this point. (Including Trump’s chief council who just resigned.) Do it. Let’s settle this thing once and for all and move on one way or another. Yes, Mueller probably doesn’t deserve it. Yes the (apparent) collusion against Trump at the FBI looks deeply troubling. Republic shaking troubling.  But do it up. No collusion – no collusion. Mueller doesn’t get to keep fishing for whatever he wants anymore. Let’s wrap this up for the sake of the country.

Mueller will try to pull a General Flynn with Trump of course and try to trap him in a lie or a misstatement so that he can get SOMETHING on Trump. But hey, in a slugfest, one has to slug.

But even if they nail Trump, which is doubtful (but possible – what isn’t?), the Clinton, FBI, CIA, Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Lynch, Obama scandal needs to be explored with a fine toothed comb. An independent council needs to be named. The NSA needs to find Hillary’s 30,000 missing emails. That has to happen so that the American people can rest assured that their country wasn’t taken over (or at least that a takeover wasn’t attempted) by a small group loyal to the Democratic Party and the corporate/Washington establishment. That’s the deal.

Then let’s move on.

(From Yahoo News)

President Donald Trump says he “would like to” testify before the special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

Here’s what Trump said when he was asked at the White House whether he would like to testify: “”Yes. I would like to.”

His comment comes shortly after his lead lawyer in the Russia investigation resigned amid a shake-up of the president’s legal team.

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