Twitter Suspends Steven Crowder for Violating ‘Hateful Conduct’ Terms

So now the anti-speech totalitarians are going after ANYONE who stands up to them and calls the PC brigades on their totalitarian nonsense. Crowder is a pretty mainstream guy. He’s funny. I’ve never been offended by anything that he’s done. (Who knows?) But the social justice warriors think they’ve got the social media companies in their grips and the king social justice warrior/totalitarian George Soros has explained that he has the social media companies in his sights.

The social media companies’ “days are numbered.” He explained. (Who is Soros to say this? He can piss off.)

Soros funds much of the extreme statist/totalitarian activism we see in the USA. He also funds the Dems to a large extent. The #oldmedia who are in line with Soros/Obama/neo-totalitarianism see this as an opportunity to hammer their competitors. And if they are lucky to shut down their competitors all together in the future.

See, the only REAL news comes from The New York Times, The Washington Post, the 3 old networks and CNN right? RIIIGHT.

But that’s the way it used to be. And that’s how the #oldmedia and the totalitarians want it to be again. The “deplorables” need to shut up. The big shots need to put this peasant uprising down, or God forbid (they probably wouldn’t use the word “God”), Trump might be re-elected and then more Brexits might break out. No, the power centers need to put the The People, We the People, back in our place.

No. Hell no.

(From Louder with Crowder)

Here’s what we think happened. The original video that went out didn’t have the word “f*ggot” soft bleeped. The original video was immediately pulled from YouTube, Twitter and Facebook as the studio team added bleeps for the “offensive” content. After the bleeps were added into the video, the studio re-uploaded the SXSW undercover video back to YouTube and Facebook.

When NotGayJared shared the video with the bleeps added, and information blurred, he was also suspended.

Which means Twitter didn’t necessarily find “f*ggot” offensive. They apparently found the general concept of the video offensive.

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