US CLOUD Act Passes, Giving Gov’ts Easier Access To Private Data Stored By US Tech Companies

“We got sold out again.” – Andreas M. Antonopoulos



Liberty, it is a beautiful thing. It is a special thing. It is a rare thing in the history of humanity. And Washington has continued to erode it year after year, and at an accelerated pace since September 11th, 2001.

(From The Coin Telegraph)

The CLOUD Act (Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act) — a contentious last minute addition to the $1.3 trln federal spending bill that will allow the US government more access to Americans’ data for law enforcement purposes, as well as foreign governments access to US companies for data on their own citizens — has been signed into law by President Donald Trump, GeekWirereports March 23.

The bill had been opposed by privacy advocates like the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), which had written after the bill’s passing that “this final, tacked-on piece of legislation will erode privacy protections around the globe.”

The Cloud Act was added to the omnibus spending bill on Wednesday night, ahead of the voting on the 2,232-page bill that took place on Thursday. The bill passed 256-167 in the House, and 65-23 in the Senate.

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