Why communists are working ‘full tilt’ to elect Corbyn (As UK Prime Minister)

How would you feel if a potential Prime Minister of Great Britain gave speeches in front of banners with swastikas and people giving “Heil Hitler” salutes? And hired people who argued for “solidarity” with fascist countries?

Basically the equivalent IS HAPPENING, only it’s with the international socialists not the National Socialists across the Pond. (The Nazis always referred to themselves as national socialists by the way, not “Nazis.”)

Check this out. Below is Jeremy Corbin the head of the Labour Party in the United Kingdom. No shame. No disgust. Indeed this guy probably somehow sees these banners – like so many deluded collectivists before him as some kind of symbol of “progress.”

The image is simply disgusting and it should concern us in the United States.

There has been a lot of talk about crypto-national socialists over the past year. Perhaps we should concern ourselves with the other totalitarian (international) socialists who actually seem to have some power.

A hammer and sickle is equivalent to the Nationalist Socialist twisted cross. It is a symbol of oppression, and death and torture and genocide. But Jeremy Corbyn is OK running around with it flapping in the wind while he talks? How can this be? How can Britain have fallen to such a level? (Funny, Corbyn’s anti-Brexit, just like Soros who is pumping millions into Britain as a part of an anti-Brexit propaganda campaign.)

If one is a socialist one is in the same group as the greatest killers in all of human history. Mao, Stalin, and Hitler. These men, not a relatively toothless Bernie Sanders, is what socialism IS. Like it or not.

And don’t give me the old “Nazis aren’t socialists” bit. Bull. You know they were socialists, just a different gang from the international socialists. If you don’t understand that Hitler and Mussolini and even Peron and Franco were socialists you simply have no understanding of what socialism actually is. Sorry. One doesn’t have to wear a Che shirt to be a socialist.

But for Corbyn, potentially a leader of one of the great Western democracies to act as he has, to advocate for what he advocates, to hire the people he has is vile. To speak in front of the hammer and sickle, two instruments drenched in the blood of hundreds of millions is despicable. It is an insult to all people who have struggled to be free in the face of socialism all over the world.

Socialism isn’t “nice.” It isn’t “just.” It is a system of control. It is fundamentally a system of oppressing the liberal spirit. It denies economic liberty from which, arguably all liberty springs.

Socialism, fundamentally is inhumane.

(From Capx.co)

Last month Labour announced that Andrew Murray, a member of the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) until he joined Labour following Jeremy Corbyn’s victory in 2016, and chief of staff to Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey, would be working in Corbyn’s office part-time as a consultant. Previously he was seconded to Corbyn’s office during the 2017 General Election campaign. Murray is a true hardliner, who has previously courted controversy by urging “solidarity” with North Korea and attacking “hack propagandists” who “abominate the name of Stalin beyond all others”. The CPB has just announced that it won’t stand candidates against Labour during General Elections and is working “full tilt” to help Corbyn become Prime Minister.

The Labour Party had a proud history of complete devotion to liberal-democratic values, the “Western” alliance which has formed around the countries which adhere to them, and constitutional propriety. Thanks to Corbyn, and the elements he has brought with him to the top of the Labour Party, much of that is in question.

Corbyn, I should emphasis, is not a communist. But his relationship with the British communist movement, thankfully a shadow of its continental counterparts, bears no comparison with that of any other post-WWII Labour leader…

…Attlee, surely Britain’s most beloved Labour Prime Minister, loathed communism. In 1937 he published The Labour Party in Perspective in which he singled out communism, along with fascism, as creeds which appeal to the “politically immature”*. By February 1948 his attitude had hardened still further and he described the confrontation between liberal-democratic West and communist East, then in its infancy, as “a conflict between two ideologies – the totalitarian ideology and the democratic ideology”.

Attlee followed up this rhetoric with action, signing Britain up to the Nato alliance, seeking to lock America into the defence of liberal-democratic Europe and supporting the establishment of an independent British nuclear deterrent. In this respect he established the fundamentals of the defence policy which the UK maintains to this day. Jeremy Corbyn, by contrast, has spent much of his time in politics attempting to dismantle this structure.

Fight these totalitarians. Give them no intellectual quarter. Socialism, collectivism, communism, statism, is a march toward death, of the spirit and often of the body. We sacrificed a century to this bloody philosophy and in the end we were able to crush it. Perhaps we must crush it again.

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