Why the press defends McCabe’s crime

Some, most, of the press. Not ALL of the press.

The below author makes a very good point. Much of the Russia insanity has been played up to keep viewers and readers engaged. The #oldmedia have found a relatively small segment of the population that needs deliverance from their Trump induced anxiety. As such the #oldmedia have stoked the fears of this segment because it’s profitable.

To a large extent CNN, MSNBC, etc. are taking their very unhappy viewers for a ride.

That’s not the WHOLE story. But it is a very large piece of it.

(From Don Surber)

From Ideology and partisanship have little to do with this because this is all about money and power too. McCabe put in motion the Russian dossier fable, which has meant billions to CNN, MSNBC, and others.

They promote this lie because it keeps their audiences up, and those audiences have filled their coffers with record high subscription fees.

For a long time, the media covered McCabe’s scandal with its Cloak of Invisibility. Now they circle wagons to protect him. Andrea Mitchell of Comcast’s MSNBC channel called for a congressman to put him on the payroll long enough to secure a lifetime pension. I don’t think that is how it works.

You see, reporters protect sources at all costs because as I said, billions are at stake. They are no more interested in the truth than the Easter bunny is.

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