With Pension at Stake, McCabe Makes Case to Avoid Being Fired


The sweetest prize of a life in the government bureaucracy is the associated pension. No one gets fired in federal government work, or at least this is darn near the case, and then after doing their time the government workers settle in for life with a nice, fat, taxpayer financed pension. Even if they are Lois Lerner or Andrew McCabe and appear to have done great damage their institutions and in some cases to the American people, they still get their pensions – financed by you.

These government people, these “public servants,” (in most cases) live much better than the people who pay them. Becoming well off on the backs of taxpayers is not a legitimate way to wealth.  But it is a way to wealth. And it is the way of the relatively small money (though large for most people) bureaucrat crony. The suburbs of DC are filled with these folks.

(From The Washington Free Beacon)

Former Federal Bureau of Investigation Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is meeting with the Justice Department to make the case for why he should be allowed to retire rather than be fired, according to an individual familiar with the meeting.

The threat of firing arose after it came to light McCabe allegedly misled internal investigators looking into looking into an array of matters connected to the 2016 presidential campaign.

CNN reported on Thursday that McCabe and his lawyers are meeting with the Justice Department officials in an attempt to dissuade Attorney General Jeff Sessions from firing the embattled FBI official. At stake is not only McCabe’s proffesional integrity but also a pension estimated to be worth nearly $2 million dollars.

So will Sessions fire McCabe? We bet he doesn’t. Also, shouldn’t we be talking about much more serious penalties than just losing a pension for McCabe?

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