Alan Dershowitz Predicts FBI Will Leak Privileged Information About President Trump

(From The Daily Caller)

Raiding a lawyer’s office should only be used as a last resort, Dershowitz said and then lamented the lack of oversight on the agents conducting the raid.

“This should be a process where you can bring a judge or an objective monitor and before anything is seized, somebody looks through it and says, ‘No, no, this is lawyer-client privilege. This is medical privilege. This is priest privilege.’ You don’t get that,” he said.

“But this way they seize everything and a government agent reads every one of the material that is also privileged,” Dershowitz continued. “There is something very wrong with that. I don’t think any American would really like that. And the ACLU has come out in support of this raid. The ACLU! They’re supposed to be the organization that stands up for civil liberties. Now they’re [special counsel Robert] Mueller fans. Now they’re FBI Fans.”

“They don’t know the facts and out there supporting it. Shame on the ACLU,” he concluded.

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