Another big time crony capitalist/socialist goes to the clink, This time Brazil’s former president goes to jail. Bye Lula.

Lula with Obama


The bigger the government the bigger the corruption. In Brazil both are as big as the bikinis on Ipanima Beach are small.

Lula was a socialist who came to power in Brazil during South America’s “Pink Tide.” He was long the toast of the continent and in much of Europe. Now, he’s just a criminal. Funny how life is.


Lula with failed socialist (and dead) Venezuelan president Chavez


Lula with his protege Dilma who was impeached. Those are communistwear shirts not MAGA shirts in case you were wondering.


Bye Lula. Tchau!

(From The BBC)

He is facing 12 years in jail on charges of accepting a bribe but had asked to remain free during his appeal.

Lula claims the charges are politically motivated, and designed to prevent him from running for president in October.

He has a lead in opinion polls. His Workers’ Party said the ruling was a “tragic day for democracy and Brazil”.

The Supreme Court judges ruled against him by six to five after a marathon session, which ended in the early hours of Thursday.