Banana Republic? — Steve Hilton: Will Comey be held accountable for his behavior? Law enforcement cannot be above the law

I don’t care if you like the president or you don’t, but James Comey and the efforts we have seen from some parts of official Washington to derail the current President by any means are extremely concerning. This shouldn’t be happening in the United States. Are we seeing something very special slip away? I hope not.

So we were supposed to be concerned with Trump and any collusion with Russia. That’s reasonable. Such collusion would be a terrible thing. However, that line looks, looks, to be a bust. (There is always the possibility.) So now the people who put themselves out there with the Trump/Russia trope are trying to vindicate themselves via other means. Now they seek to embarrass and harass the President to gum up the works and save face.

And James Comey is talking about moral leadership? Well, we hope you get rich Comey. (We figure you will.) We hope the 30 pieces of silver are worth what you’ve tried to do to the country.

We the citizenry, pro-Trump, anti-Trump, whatever, need to be particularly vigilant. You may not like Trump, but most of us like our constitutional republic and the rule of law. Those things MUST come before our personal dislike of the President.

(From Fox News)

Democrats and Republicans agree that James Comey is guilty of politicizing the FBI and meddling in the 2016 election. Everyone can now see that he is guilty of self-righteousness, self-regard and inappropriately producing a petty cash-for-gossip revenge attack on President Trump.

But the serious question, and one that goes to the heart of our confidence in law enforcement in this country, is whether James Comey is guilty of federal crimes.

If there is evidence to that effect, and if a case is not brought against him, that would be a shattering blow to democratic norms. It would send a message that the most senior law enforcement officials in the land can behave exactly as they wish, carry out whatever personal and political vendettas they want – and get away with it. It would send a message that America’s law enforcement officials are, in fact, above the law.

That is a dangerous and frightening scenario – one you would more normally associate with a banana republic or authoritarian dictatorship than the world’s oldest democracy.