Bill Press: ‘They ought to cancel the freaking [correspondents] dinner’

“And when two of my — I’m not going to name them — leading Democrats, big-time Democrats stormed out of the room because they found it so offensive, there’s a problem.”


Hey OK, we agree with Bill Press on something.

Really I just don’t get the Klan level hatred from some people in the #oldmedia. I personally felt like Obama wasn’t even working in the best interest of the country (I feel like Trump at least THINKS he’s working in America’s best interest) most of the time but I didn’t hate the guy. I disliked him. I didn’t trust him. But I didn’t HATE him. Some people however like to think that their hate for Trump isn’t hate and/or that it is justified. It’s not justified, and you just look ridiculous and ugly at this point.

(From The Hill)

Liberal radio host Bill Press joined the calls Monday for an end to the White House correspondents’ dinner, saying it “doesn’t do us any favors.”

Press referenced comedian Michelle Wolf’s jabs at White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders during her routine during the dinner, saying the White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) should apologize to Sanders.

“I think the White House Correspondents’ Association owes the press secretary an apology for inviting her, putting her head table, and then having a speaker who called her a liar to her face,” Press, a contributor to The Hill, said on his radio show

“Number two, I think they ought to cancel a freaking dinner,” he continued. “I wouldn’t even have the dinner next year.”

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