California Progressives Launch (Another) Attack on Free Speech


What it fundamentally comes down to is that busybodies feel like they have to control the words and even thoughts of people they can’t stand.

“I mean..Like… I just can’t even. I just can’t even…” (Be sure to add the affected vocal fry.)

These are the people who go into student government and revel in being on home owner association boards. They are uptight, controlling, and fearful of their fellow man and woman.

Now, we think trying to make someone who is gay “ungay” is pretty much a colossal waste of time, but banning books on “ungaying”? OK, so are these folks in Cali just going to goose step over to the book burning pile or what? Maybe at the next “women’s march”?

(From The National Review)

It’s interesting, for example, that Chait makes the argument just as the California State Assembly is set to vote on a bill that would actually — among other things — ban the sale of books expressing orthodox Christian beliefs about sexual morality.

Yes, ban the sale of books.

Assembly Bill 2943 would make it an “unlawful business practice” to engage in “a transaction intended to result or that results in the sale or lease of goods or services to any consumer” that advertise, offer to engage in, or do engage in “sexual orientation change efforts with an individual.”

The speech totalitarians (really just plain totalitarians) are on the march in official California. The state is losing touch and abandoning the spirit of liberty that defines this country. And they really think they are “progressives.” Funny, the Nazis considered themselves the same.

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