‘Chappaquiddick’ is a long-overdue dismantling of the Kennedy myth

Yay! It’s about time. My Irish Catholic grandmother from New York City despised the Kennedys. It’s easy to understand why.

(From The New York Post)

“Chappaquiddick” is a much-needed counterweight to two current hagiographies: CNN’s docuseries “The Kennedys,” airing to high ratings on Sunday nights, and Netflix’s forthcoming documentary “Bobby Kennedy for President.”

JFK and RFK remain, of course, the family lodestars. But in 1969 Ted was next in line, and he had a lot of public sympathy…

…As portrayed by Jason Clarke, the young senator is a venal, self-pitying coward, thoughtless and remorseless, ambition his only care. He treats loyalists and groupies with equal contempt, and as the weekend begins, he toasts them all for “wanting to prove yourselves worthy of . . . the Kennedy name.”

It’s clear the filmmakers are in on this joke…

…When Mary Jo’s body was recovered the next morning, it appeared that she died not of drowning but suffocation. She likely lived for hours. There she had been, her head and neck jammed at a sharp angle up against the foot board, gasping through a small air pocket. Was she wondering where Kennedy was? Was she convinced he was on the verge of coming back for her? That he had gone to get help?

After all, who would leave someone in this situation alone?

Good question. Who would do such a thing? Answer: Teddy Kennedy, someone some people still hold in high esteem. Just bizarre.

If only Teddy was alive to see the movie. That would have been great. Hey maybe they have movie theaters in…Oh, never mind.