Coulter On “Obscenity-Laced” Oval Office Shouting Match With Trump: “Total Betrayal” On The Wall

Can you imagine this fight. Holy moly that would have been entertaining.

I figured that the anti-Trump venom that has recently dripped from Ms. Coulter’s pen might have had a personal element to it.

Actually I’ll bet that much of the anti-Trump stuff we see all over has a personal element to it.

(From Real Clear Politics)

Ann Coulter talked to radio host Howie Carr on Monday about President Trump’s “total betrayal” on the wall and an “obscenity-laced” screaming match she had with the president in the Oval Office. For the record, Coulter said Trump “swore first.”

Coulter said Trump’s presidency “isn’t over yet” and he can still come back. However, she told Trump supporters to stop cheering him on when he betrays the base and called them “cro-magnons” if they believe Trump is playing a game of 3D chess.

“He’s failing right now,” Coulter said. “The presidency isn’t over yet, he can still come back and do it. But people who voted for him shouldn’t be cheering for him everytime he betrays them and this is a total betrayal for him to sign that bill. It’s a total betrayal for him not to build the wall. And to pretend like it isn’t — yeah he can come back.”

Coulter’s right, Trump isn’t playing 3D chess. He’s winging it like all presidents. I doubt that there is some “master plan” behind it all. On the other hand building hotels takes the ability to establish a vision and to execute over an extended period of time. So maybe he sees around the corner. But probably not.

As for “coming back,” despite the many issues Ms. Coulter has with Trump, and some different ones we at AC2 News have with Trump, he’s doing pretty OK in the eyes of the public at this point. (Relatively speaking of course.)