DC Cherry Blossom Peak to be met with Peak Snow?

I can’t even tell you how disappointed I am by this. Winter has already lingered way longer around here than usual. And now SNOW?! Like real snow?

We are located about 100 miles to the southwest of DC and it looks like we may be just far enough south to avoid the freezing stuff, but c’mon. The tulips are supposed to coming up by now.

Thankfully the Weather Channel isn’t predicting a big snow dump like Dr. Spencer. It’s just too late in the season I think. But who knows with this winter?

(From DrRoySpencer.com)

After continuing delays due to cold weather, the National Park Service’s daily update for the DC Tidal Basin cherry blosson predicts that the peak blossom time will finally be this weekend.

But you might want to get out the snow shovel if you want to go see this annual event.

The latest weather forecast models are predicting anywhere from 6 to 18 inches of snow by Sunday morning, beginning late Friday night, April 6 (all forecast graphics courtesy of Weatherbell.com):

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