Dem hopes fading just a bit, 2018 vote margin narrows as Democratic engagement slips

Politics in this country have been too weird for too long and it looks like things will continue to be weird.

The conventional thinking is that the President is unpopular and so the normal bump seen for the minority party at midterms will be particularly pronounced for the Democrats in 2018. But as we said, politics have been particularly weird of late. (By which we mean the past 3 years or so. And really longer than that.)

(From ABC)

A Democratic advantage in the upcoming midterm elections has narrowed in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, with indications of lower engagement among members of the party now out of power in the federal government.

A 10-point Democratic lead among all adults narrows to 4 points among registered voters and 5 points among those who say they’re both registered and certain to vote; neither of those is statistically significant. In January, by contrast, Democrats held similar margins in all three groups – 13, 12 and 15 points, respectively.