Dems in a panic as a major Planned Parenthood funding source is at risk

Planned Parenthood is a partisan political organization and as such should get no money from the American taxpayer.

(From The Washington Examiner)

Congressional Democrats are in a panic over Title X, the federal government’s family planning program. That’s because even though the recent omnibus spending bill once again allotted $286.479 million to fund the program, Republicans in Congress held the line on ensuring the Department of Health and Human Services has flexibility to change regulations governing how it is spent.

Control of these taxpayer dollars will be in the hands of Valerie Huber, the deputy assistant secretary for population affairs at HHS. Previous recipients, such as Planned Parenthood, which annually receives approximately $60 million in Title X money, may still apply for the grants, but the final arbiter of the funds’ dispersal will be Huber, a longtime advocate of sexual risk avoidance education (SRA), and a critic of the scandal plagued Planned Parenthood and its sexually explicit curricula.