First look: Fake News Campaign Hotline (Conservatives and libertarians should take FULL ADVANTAGE of this opportunity)

Every person who believes in actual reporting, not the heavily biased spin which so often comes from sites like etc. should save this contact information to their computer and make use of it. Often.

“Fake news” needs to be identified from outlets like CNN, and The Post, Media Matters, MSNBC, and other outlets in addition to websites the official news controllers don’t like. Basically the “fake news” that is passed off as “fact” by the #oldmedia needs to be held to the fire.

The people on the other end of this hotline may not be receptive to your efforts initially but make your voice heard and make sure to catalog your emails, calls, texts, and the stories you highlight as “fake.” The creators of this hotline likely, but maybe not entirely, see their efforts as a partisan tool. That’s why George Soros’s Media Matters was formed it should be remembered. Through the Obama years Media Matters acted as a de facto ministry of information.

The key is to focus on legitimately bad stories and not just spam these folks with stuff you don’t like. Make sure your voice is heard, and when CNN does things like THIS, make sure that it is identified and highlighted. Because it is very likely that this “hotline” has a direct connection to companies like Google and Facebook. The assumption is that conservatives and libertarians will not avail themselves of this service. Make sure that you do.

Make sure you make your voice heard. CNN is not objective. The Post is not objective. The New York Times is not objective. At least no more objective than many sites the establishment people (who partner with the old media) despise. This must be highlighted and this hotline is a great opportunity.

Here’s the contact information. Save it somewhere and/or bookmark this post.

  • Options for contacting the hotline: “Send a secure, end-to-end encrypted message with Signal or Whatsapp: +1-740-480-1850 … Send an SMS message to: +1-740-480-1850 … Call and leave a digital voice message: +1-740-480-1850 … Email: [email protected]Leave a comment.”

Click here for the article in Axios.