Four U.S. senators seek details on unusual cellular surveillance in D.C. area

We’ve known for a long time that our own police and surveillance agencies (sigh) have been using “Stingray” technologies to track people they want to track. Now we are concerned that foreign actors are doing it? Shoot, since we heard about Stingray technology years ago we figured this was an issue.

Let’s find out who’s doing what, and not JUST in DC. I am sure everyone will be very forthcoming.

(From Reuters)

Four U.S. senators on Wednesday urged the U.S. Homeland Security Department (DHS) to disclose additional information about unusual cellular surveillance activity that has been detected around the nation’s capital.

The senators – Ron Wyden and Ed Markey, both Democrats, and Republicans Rand Paul and Cory Gardner – said the Trump administration should make public additional details about possible surveillance using cellphone-site simulators around Washington.

“The American people have a legitimate interest in understanding the extent to which U.S. telephone networks are vulnerable to surveillance and are being actively exploited by hostile actors,” the four said in a letter reviewed by Reuters.