France Plans To Reduce Members of Parliament by a Third before Next Election

(From The Guardian)

France is to cut the number of members of parliament by 30% and ensure 15% of lawmakers will be elected via a proportional representation system in the next election, the prime minister, Édouard Philippe, has announced.

The vow to reduce the number of MPs to around 404 from the current 577 – and to reduce the number of senators to 244 from 348 – before the 2022 parliamentary elections is in line with promises by the centrist president, Emmanuel Macron, to bring about a “profound transformation” of the way French government is run.

Macron, who had never run for elected office before the presidency and styled himself as an outsider to the French political class, vowed in a speech in Versailles last year that he wanted “a radically new path” for the way French politics worked, and a more efficient form of government.

However, Macron’s promises of institutional and constitutional change in France have proved a thorny issue and the government could still face opposition.

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