Hillary Clinton to Campaign Staff: ‘I Am Getting Pretty Tired of Hearing About How Nobody Likes Me’


Hillary no doubt assumed that large parts of the population didn’t like her because she “was a woman.” She definitely has clung to this since the election. (Perhaps she must for personal reasons.) The deplorables were just retrograde neanderthals who could not see that she was the best choice. “But still she persisted” right?

Hillary wasn’t passed over by the people because she is a woman. She was passed over because she rigged the primaries, was an apologist for her husband, is a radical feminist who took $20 million from Planned Parenthood, “lost” 30,000 emails,
and is/was a flat out corporate shill. And there are dozens, literally dozens, of other significant reasons why Hillary Clinton did not win the presidency. And not one of those reasons is because she is a woman or because of “Russia.”

The biggest reason is just that Hillary Clinton is Hillary Clinton. 

Also consider for a moment if she HAD won given what we now know about Comey, and Lynch, and McCabe, and Ohr, and Brennan, and Clapper, and the rest. That would not have been a good thing for the country, to say the least.

(From Yahoo News)

There was one comment in particular, though, that hadn’t helped Clinton’s case: her “basket of deplorables” remark.

Chozick said the blunder hadn’t been purely accidental, but was rather a reflection of how Clinton already thought about Trump supporters, lumping them into three categories, or baskets. One basket held “Republicans who hated her” and would vote for whatever nominee the GOP put on the ballot. A second basket contained voters who felt disenchanted by the government and felt left behind. And the last was reserved for Trump’s “deplorables,” which Chozick said included those with bigoted views.

Still, Clinton knew she’d made a mistake when she referred to the latter group at a New York fundraiser, just a couple of months before the November elections. Chozick said Clinton told her aides afterward: “‘I really messed up.'”

Yes Hillary. You really did. But the country is probably, on the whole, much better off for your mistake. So, thanks?