Judge Rejects Trump and Cohen’s Bid to View Seized Papers before Prosecutors

(From The Guardian)

A request for Donald Trump and his legal fixer Michael Cohen to be allowed to vet the documents seized from Cohen by the FBI before prosecutors can examine them was rejected by a federal judge on Monday.

But Judge Kimba Wood said she might appoint an independent lawyer to review the trove of records to find those protected by attorney-client privilege – possibly with a specific remit of checking documents related to the president.

Wood also denied a request from Trump for a temporary restraining order against his own justice department, which would have explicitly ordered prosecutors to not begin going through the files from Cohen’s home, office and hotel.

The judge’s decisions dealt a blow to Trump and Cohen, who asked to have the first look at Cohen’s files after Trump denounced the FBI raids as being part of a political “witch-hunt” and declared: “Attorney-client privilege is dead!” An attorney for the president on Monday accused prosecutors of “government overreach”.

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