Kentucky, Oklahoma teachers flood state capitols to demand money for themselves, “How come we never see any teacher protests in the summer”?

Image: Al Jazzera —- Hey, I’ve got an idea, how about you do your job? And your job is not “teaching kids to vote.” Man I just remembered why I hated high school. The union people like prisons.That’s where they are comfortable. Regimented and secure. The woman on the left should be disciplined. 


In the words of an acquaintance, “How come we never see any teacher protests in the summer”?

Consider that most public school teachers are off for at least 3 months of the year. Then consider their yearly pay and adjust for the fact that 1/4 of the year they don’t have to work. Then also factor the extreme job security public school teachers enjoy.

I know many teachers and have love for them. However, especially in light of the coordinated anti 2nd Amendment walkouts, I don’t have a ton of sympathy on the pay front. — The taxpayers everywhere pay enough already. Sorry.

(From CNN)

Tens of thousands of Kentucky and Oklahoma teachers ditched classrooms Monday to rally at their state capitals, demanding more education funding for students.
“Stop the war on public education!” Kentucky teachers chanted in front of the capitol in Frankfort.
Really? War? OK. Well, if schools were less like indoctrination centers perhaps the taxpayers might be a little nicer about things.
Oklahoma is among the bottom three states in teachers’ salaries, and until Thursday, had not received a state raise in a decade. The state teachers’ union has been demanding $10,000 raises for teachers; $5,000 raises for support staff; and $200 million in educational funding.
“This isn’t just about teacher salaries,” said David DuVall, executive director of the Oklahoma Education Association. “This is about funding our schools for our students.”
Bull. This is about the students? It’s never about the students for the unions. It’s about getting paid.” It’s about getting more money from over taxed tax payers. That’s what this is about.
What we need to do IS ACTUALLY THINK OF THE STUDENTS and break them out of the public school monopolies. That’s what needs to happen. We certainly shouldn’t be doubling down on the current system.