“Liberal” Indoctrination on Campus Isn’t Working*


I was in college 20 years ago and the PC movement was just gaining steam at that point. The good “liberals,” the pro-free speech, anti-death penalty, ACLU types were just giving way to the totalitarian anti-speech, race and gender obsessed, hyper-conformist crowd. I saw the dark clouds gathering. The anti-thought brigades were just getting their act together. It would take another decade for them to go completely Maoist. But they got there.

Witness the insanity that is tolerated and indeed celebrated on campuses all across the country now. For many the undermining of Western Civilization is the point of higher education. Which is particularly troublesome as Western Civilization was born of the Enlightenment, the break that humanity made from the shadows of ignorance. It has a legitimately special place in the history of human thought.

Now however ignorance is again asserting itself on a mass scale. And to speak the truth in some places brings the Moaoist Puritan wrath. How dare you say that racism is not what defines this country? HOW DARE YOU? How dare you assert that the free market is more just than “socialism”? HOW DARE YOU? How dare you argue that some cultural practices in the developing world are retrograde and oppressive? And so on and so on.

But there are many university students who see through the PC bull and resist the zealots quietly. Many students. But will they be enough to eventually turn the tide again against the anti-speech people? Will they be able to reverse the tide of PC oppression? Or will we slowly descend into some weird dystopian neo dark age where the Enlightenment and the Rights of Man are forgotten?

That is an open question right now.

(From The National Review)

Yet I wasn’t convinced by the case for collectivism on campus, and neither were many of my classmates. One YouGov survey suggests that only 7 percent of millennials would prefer to live in a Communist society, and more millennials now think of Communism as a present-day problem than did in 2016. Clearly, the “brainwashing” on campus hasn’t been so successful.

That’s because there’s a disconnect between what’s being taught and what’s being absorbed. Colleges can’t truly indoctrinate a generation that grew up with the Internet, which has conditioned us not to take what we’re told at face value. When I did my own research into my professor’s arguments, I found out that unrestricted trade and the spread of capitalism have done more to reduce global poverty than almost anything else. Students from the Socialist Club were too busy protesting for “free abortion on demand” and resisting Donald Trump to notice that Bernie Sanders might not have all the answers.

I quickly learned that these activists on campus might be “progressive,” but they’re not always tolerant. When I dared to be both openly gay and vocally conservative, I got harassed and bullied online by left-wing students to the point where I had to delete every dating app from my phone. My private dating profiles were reposted in a public Facebook group so that students could mock me with their friends. For all their talk about tolerance, a campus culture concerned with “social justice” really just wanted to push the liberal agenda.

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