London Mayor Sadiq Khan enacts ‘knife control’ policies to crack down on stabbing epidemic

That’s Kahn on the left. This is a great picture I think. Kahn in Kabul.


London is the most video monitored place on Earth. Guns are generally banned in the UK. (One of the reasons there are so many stabbings.) Over time the welfare state has seeped into every aspect of British life. But now, the nanny staters are even coming for your kitchen knives. Seriously.

After that, what’s next?

(From The Blaze)

In response to the spike in crime, Khan deployed over 300 additional London police officers to the city’s most crime-ridden neighborhoods to stop and search anyone they suspect is carrying a knife. In the U.S., such policies are very controversial and possibly violate the Fourth Amendment, but in England, police are able to stop and search anyone they suspect is carrying a knife…

…During his mayoral campaign in 2015, Khan said he would do “everything in my power to cut stop and search,” claiming it “undermines” public confidence in local government and policing systems.

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