Migrant “caravan” begins to splinter, “disperse” after Trump raises alarm

As we’ve said many times, we are for immigration generally. In fact we love it. In a free market setting it is good for the economy and for society. However, marching a column of people up and over the border in an effort to provoke a battle isn’t really “immigration” now is it?

Also, it’s worth noting that Hamas has tried to employ similar tactics with Israel along the Gazan border.

(From Fox News)

The caravan of roughly 1,000 Central Americans moving toward the United States appeared to be splintering into smaller groups and “disperse” as of Wednesday, after drawing the ire of President Trump and capturing the attention of the nation.

The large group has been camped out in the town of Matias Romero in the southern part of Mexico since the weekend, after starting a trek from the Guatemala-Mexico border on March 25. It reached a peak of about 1,500 but a spokesperson for the advocacy group Pueblo Sin Fronteras – which organized the caravan and sought to draw attention to the rights of migrants – told Reuters that many people had broken off and were continuing the route on their own.

“Now they’re separating these groups,” Ellis Garcia told Reuters. “I don’t know what’s the deal, we have no answers.”

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