‘My Dearest Fidel’: An ABC Journalist’s Secret Liaison With Fidel Castro

Castro keeping shape.


So what do you know? A prominent “mainstream” journalist was having a fling with Castro. What a shock.

It’s an interesting story though.

(From Politico)

Howard beseeched Castro to find his “way back”—to become the transformational historical figure she believed to be his destiny. “What you have to offer the world that is meaningful and universally applicable is not some capricious brand of tropical Marxism (the world scarcely needs that), but your humanity; your compassion; your deep knowledge and sense of justice; your genuine concern for the poor; the sick; the oppressed; the defenseless; the lost; the despairing. … And your sacred duty, your solemn obligation to mankind is to make that quality ever stronger, to make it a reality for your people—all your people, every class and sector. Let flow in the most untrammeled way the goodness that is your substance and can be your salvation.”

“I feel deeply that you must be permitted to play out your role,” Howard continued, pledging to do what she could to ensure Castro’s survival and bring the U.S. and Cuba together. “I am going to talk to certain people when I return to the States,” she wrote. “I do not overestimate my influence. But I shall try to help.”

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