Nikki Haley and Trump squabble in public on sanctions, Bad communication or something else?

“Republicans close to the White House whisper about the prospect of an alliance between Haley and Vice President Mike Pence, possibly to run as a ticket in 2020.”


There is a tension between the neoconservatives (those who generally think war in the Middle East is a good idea, along with an increased hostility toward Russia) and a less interventionist perspective in the White House. This is what we see here it appears.

We’ve had the neocons calling the foreign policy shots for the Republicans for so long now that we’ve forgotten that the GOP had a long tradition of extreme caution when it comes to war. There was a time when some in the GOP actually understood that war was big government, not to mention HELL, and that it should generally be avoided.

What we also see here is probably just good old poor communication and logistics. But it could be more than that.

(From The Atlanta Journal Constitution)

According to several officials, the White House did not inform Haley that it had changed course on sanctions, leaving her to hang out alone.

“It damages her credibility going forward and once again makes everyone, friend and foe alike, wonder that when the United States says something, approves something, calls for something, opposes something, is it for real?” said Rep. Gerald E. Connolly, D-Va. and a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. “Should we wait to see what Trump does the next day?”

The clash was reminiscent of various occasions when Trump has directly undercut subordinates, as when Tillerson broached the idea of negotiations with North Korea and the president scolded him on Twitter not to waste his time. Many in Washington and at the United Nations were riveted by the sharp exchange Tuesday between the White House and its senior international diplomat.