Occupational licensing is a big reason the poor don’t become rich

It’s nice when one must pay the state for the luxury of hustling and earning an honest living.

(From The Washington Examiner)

Today, nearly 30 percent of workers need to obtain this form of a government permission slip to work. States impose costly, time-consuming requirements on harmless occupations like farm workers, shampooers, and upholsterers. And 1,100 occupations are licensed by at least one state, but only 60 of these occupations are licensed in every state.

Out of control, indeed.

This variation between states reinforces that licensing’s growth has little to do with an increased need to protect public safety. For example, if 47 states can protect their residents’ lives without licensing interior designers, there is no reason why three states and Washington, D.C. need to impose a required six years of education and training to obtain a license.

Moving furniture and picking out paint colors for a living should not require over a half decade of “education.”