Scott Pruitt told staffers ‘find me something to do’ when he wanted to vacation on the taxpayer’s dime

Our feeling is that if one is flying around on the taxpayer’s dime coach is fine, unless one wants to upgrade oneself. When it comes to lodging, “sub-premium” is the maximum level of accommodation we the taxpayer should be on the hook for. No Four Seasons.

(From The Business Insider)

Scott Pruitt, head of the Environmental Protection Agency insisted on staying at luxury hotels that exceeded the government’s cost parameters, flying with airlines not approved by the agency in order to earn personal frequent flier miles, and sometimes fabricated reasons for taxpayer-funded travel, according to one of his former senior deputies.

Kevin Chmielewski, Trump’s “body man” on the 2016 campaign trail who formerly served as Pruitt’s deputy chief of staff at the EPA, met with congressional investigators this week, and his allegations are detailed in a six-page letter signed by five Democratic lawmakers.

Chmielewski, who was reportedly fired from his post after objecting to some of his boss’s requests, said that Pruitt made frequent trips back to Oklahoma, where he owns a home and would spend weekends, using taxpayer funds.

“Find me something to do,” Pruitt would reportedly tell his staffers when he wanted to travel to particular destinations.

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