“Socialism is morally reprehensible, it is something for nothing. It is divisive, and if you want prosperity for all, socialism just doesn’t work.” -Stuart Varney

3 guys who have done great damage to the Western Hemisphere.


I’ll do Mr. Varney a couple better. Socialism is a religion and it is an opiate for those who don’t understand basic (and I mean the MOST basic) market economics. I’ve been looking at this phenomenon for years, decades at this point, and it does seem like some people just are incapable of seeing the reality of unintended consequences, the beauty of self ordering of markets, and the inherent value of liberty and liberated thinking. I mean it’s like a WIRING THING. They just do not understand. (Though in some cases it isn’t a wiring thing. It’s just willful typically self interested ignorance.)

Free markets and free minds are good. They go together. There is no “economic liberty” and then a separate “social liberty”. There is only LIBERTY. One is free or one is not free. And free people get to do what they want with their own money.

And stop crying about your student loans. I think the student loan system stinks but it was the central planners in Washington and the cronies in university administration who are to blame for the yoke around your neck. (Aside from YOU of course. Who took out the loan. And yes I know Sallie Mae quite well).  It certainly is not capitalism. What capitalist gives an 18 year old with no credit history and no assets a $100,000 loan? Exactly, no capitalist. But the government is happy to shove that financial Oxycodone your way.

You know why? Because it’s good business for the colleges. The deeper in debt you go with taxpayer subsidized loans, the more they can expand their administration and pay. You got jacked by the people who are trying to indoctrinate you.

Closed markets and closed minds (which we see all too often with the socialist Left) lead to destruction and pain. Just look at three of the most prominent centrally planned socialist countries of the 20th Century, Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Soviet Union, and Mao’s China. Hundreds of millions of people were simply “planned” out of existence by these monstrous regimes. That is socialism. That is reality. And no it won’t be “different THIS time.” No, socialism is built on envy, manipulation, sloth, and slavery. That’s it. It’s not a liberating force in any way. It is a philosophy for control freaks and for those who want to deny free will and take responsibility for themselves and their communities. Socialism is about servitude. It is the way that government attaches a potentially liberated middle class to the state. It’s the way the powers that be make sure the serfs remain serfs.

Socialism is just state feudalism. And make no mistake, you won’t be one of the socialist “lords”. You’ll be lucky to limp along in squalor if these people ever effectively counter the liberty revolution on which this country is founded.

And Varney is right. Obama gave a spark to neo-state feudalism. And that should never ever be forgotten. Obama just never got this country.