Soros Dumps $450K Into Florida-based PAC

Yet more identity politics. Tribal war lite. The Dems still think it’s a winner. Maybe it is. But that is a crying shame.

(From The Washington Examiner)

The donation represents the only political funding Soros undertook in the Sunshine state in the first quarter of 2018.

“United for Progress’s primary goal remains to build community-based political power and influence in the growing Puerto Rican and Latino constituencies in Florida,” Chairman Juan Marcos Vilar told the Washington Free Beacon by email. “United for Progress’s local leadership has not made decisions about endorsement or opposition to any specific candidates in 2018.”

Soros established United for Progress late September 2016, contributing $430,000 to the PAC in October of that year. The “Statement of Organization” documents only say that the purpose of the PAC is “Political, intending to pay for communications related to several candidate (sic).”

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