Swamp Creatures Are TERRIFIED Of What Ben Carson Is Doing To Clean Up HUD

Good. The Swamp should be afraid. Though the swamp clearing to this point has produced mixed results at best, it must be remembered that bureaucratic Rome was not deconstructed in a day.

And there are areas of Washington that are less swampy than they were.

(From The Daily Caller)

HUD has a long history of mismanagement and neglect. The agency’s financial statements are such a mess that the agency’s own Inspector General couldn’t complete an internal audit of the agency’s books. In fact, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a report in 2016, based on numerous HUD IG and GAO audits over a 15-year period, in which it reported that the agency failed to implement multiple financial accountability recommendations. Additionally, the agency seemingly ignored recommendations to dedicate staff and implement and enforce policies to prevent waste, fraud, and abuse.

This level of institutional corruption is the very essence of the swamp. And indeed, the swamp dwellers are fighting to keep things the way they were.

Then Ben Carson moved in and started turning things around.

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