Worry on K-Street: Lobbyists fret about lame-duck Speaker

Poor lobbyists. What are they going to do with Ryan now close to toothless? Guess there’s extra time to shine the Guccis and for longer lunches at The Palm.

(From The Hill)

Lobbyists are bracing for the uncertainty that comes with having a lame-duck Speaker of the House.

Even before Speaker Paul Ryan’s (R-Wis.) retirement announcement earlier this month, the legislative outlook in Congress for the rest of the year was grim. Lawmakers are shifting into campaign mode and are expected to spend much of the summer and fall away from Washington.

But some lobbyists say Ryan’s departure will make passing legislation even more difficult.

“The Speaker is now a lame duck, and has very little juice to get his members to vote in any which way because he is no longer necessarily looking out for them,” said one political operative. “The feeling is that when you retire before the election, and you’re a leader, that you lose all of your leverage.

But don’t be concerned. The lobbyists will be OK. They’re a plucky bunch. And with the new Congress in January Washington will spring to life again, and perhaps with the Dems in the House, which means good times for the influence peddlers of all stripes.

Thank goodness.