Ted Cruz ups pressure on Trump to overhaul ethanol mandate

The data’s dated but you get the point. Corn country is Trump country.



Trump is not a conservative. Ted Cruz knows this. Trump doesn’t want to make Iowa unhappy, but he won’t have to hustle in the state, most likely, leading up to the 2020 caucus. So if there is a time to move on the ethanol mandate, and to annoy a few corn farmers (who enjoy many crony arrangements), now is probably the time. That is if Trump were EVER to move on the issue which is a coin flip at best.

(From The Washington Examiner)

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and House lawmakers upped the pressure on President Trump to make a decision soon on a way to save oil refineries from the costs of meeting the Environmental Protection Agency’s ethanol mandate.

“The president can solve this with the stroke of a pen,” the Texas Republican said Thursday afternoon, joined by refinery workers and the steelworkers union. “It is the EPA that can do it,” but Trump must direct it to do so, he added.

Cruz’s “win-win” solution would place a cap on the cost of renewable identification number credits that independent refiners must buy to comply with the Renewable Fuel Standard’s ethanol mandate.

Corn is crony in practically every way in this country. The industry needs to be liberalized.