The “Left” in the US is being unreasonable. Sorry, but you are. (Also Obama didn’t herald some “new era” in America. He’s just 44.)

Sorry folks on the “Left,” but at this point in history the “conservatives” are more reasonable than you are by a significant margin. (And libertarians seem to be about the only voice of out and out reason these days. But I guess that makes sense.)

I know of what I write. Our audience is pretty broad. We are fortunate to have different types of readers from across the political spectrum. Despite our decidedly pro free market disposition this has been the case for all of our almost 7 years. We like to think that our readership has stuck with us because we do not to insult the intelligence of our readers/viewers no matter the political orientation of those readers/viewers.

Your editor is also, and has long been, committed to the concept of transpartisanship. Meaning that I am personally committed to talking civilly with people who politically might be different from me and my organization.

I also live in Charlottesville, Virginia, which is a hyper “liberal” city. That was one of the reasons the battle back in August was fought here. The ugliness I saw from both sides of that melee made me sick. I saw people (I arrived about 2 hours after everything went down. Downtown still had plenty of stranded street fighters though when I got there.) so committed to a zero sum game that they felt they had to physically go after each other. So I’ve seen that side of the current political equation, and very much from the “#resistance” perspective.

I am also a senior fellow at an environmental organization based in San Francisco and I consider myself an environmentalist. (Albeit a different kind than many folks who call themselves environmentalists.)

So when I say that folks on the “Left” are being the MOST unreasonable I am not saying this as some sort of fire breathing partisan. I say it as someone who wants the best for his country and who wants people to just chill out a bit. Seriously, chill out. The world did not end with Obama and it won’t end with Trump.

Blood pressure medication prescriptions have got to be at an all time high these days. It’s just not healthy to harbor the rage I see (on both sides, but PARTICULARLY with the “Left”).

The problem is that many people have absolutely convinced themselves that “#resistance” is some sort of noble thing. Like they’re behind the lines in Vichy France or something. (Of course this is why the powers that be manipulate the term. For some people it’s romantic. It is a CRAFTED term.) That they are standing up to white male Trumpian hegemony or some such nonsense. And with respect, that stuff is nonsense. The Left has all the advantages. The media, much of official corporate America, the deep state, the universities, the teachers, the other government workers, pretty much everything but the tax paying class. Resist? Shoot you guys are THE ESTABLISHMENT. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU RESISTING? For crying out loud George Soros has funded a huge part of the “resistance” protests. GEORGE SOROS, the establishment, is selling you “resistance.” Think about that.

But I understand. Who am I to say that blind rabid politically correct fervor whipped up by powerful people who may not want the best for this country is nonsense? I mean in the era of Trump, political Voldemort, one must throw on the pussy hat, slap on the trite bumper stickers, and hyperventilate on Facebook about “toxic masculinity” right? Right?


Trump’s not Voldemort and the world is not going to end with him as president. Hillary lost and she deserved to lose. She was arrogant and ran a poor campaign even though she literally had every single advantage. She LOST. Deal. And again I say this with respect.

C’mon Dems, Hillary passed out and had to be dragged into a mobile recovery vehicle on September 11th 2016. Remember that? Remember when her shoe fell off her foot and her handlers had to prop her up Weekend at Bernie’s style? No one who is prone to such health issues should be anywhere near the presidency. Things just went bad for the Dems. They thought they had it in the bag and it just went bad. Even after rigging the primaries things still went bad. Even after the leak of the Access Hollywood recording things still went bad. And some people just could not come to terms with Trump winning in spite of Hillary, again, having literally everything in her favor. How could this be? How – could – this – be? And mental chaos swirled into the winter.

Some powerful people are inclined to keep the insanity going rather than heal it. The unhinged political correctness, the rage, the righteous and willful ignorance, it works to the advantage of some people. So what if it’s terrible for the country? So what if – at least as far as I can see – the anger doesn’t seem to be grounded in reality? So what? We can’t let Trump win. (Again.) You know because of misogyny, or Russia, or racism, or shoot what have you got?

Look, Trump’s basically a moderate Republican with a distaste for the people who have been jerks to him. He’s also a New York City developer. All property developers are tools to some extent. (If you know any property developers you know I’m right.) He probably didn’t collude with Russia on anything. (We still remain open however, but it doesn’t look good for the Russia collusion case.) He likes the ladies and this should be no surprise. He’s Donald Trump. We all know who Donald Trump is. He’s probably not racist, but he refuses to bow to the PC police – and he is correct to do this. He has, some people don’t know, championed women in his organization. He is not “conservative.” He likes to spend money – our money. The taxpayer’s money. He’s right to call out the old media, which have in many respects become propaganda outfits for the DNC. (Much of the old media liked being on the inside and cozying up to Obama/Clinton on “narrative building.” Now they don’t get to do that.) He is too quick with bluster, but he also recognizes that almost no one in the establishment (media and otherwise) will give him a fair shake so he knows he has to slug it out. Of course this also suits his natural tendency.

Is he prone to exaggeration? Yes. Could he be much more consistent? Yes. Does Trump like taxes too much? Yes. Is he wandering into dangerous ground on trade? Yes. Is he sometimes unduly insulting? Yes. Is he too enamored with the military? Yes. Do I think he gets too much of a kick out of his power. Likely yes. Is he prone to crony capitalism? Yes, or at least has been.

But none of his failings eclipse the failings of Obama who I have to say made the Democratic Party (along with Clinton and Company) a full on crony capitalism juggernaut and darn near ran the country off a cliff.

We at AC2 News have many issues with Trump, but we try to be fair. He’s not a monster. People want him to be a monster so that it justifies their rage. But he’s not. The ragers are wrong. And they are hurting the country. (And we think only a minority of the people engaged in the ongoing rage actually want to hurt the country.)

Presidents and governments should always be questioned. They should NEVER be trusted. Government, no matter who is running it is always, always, up to bad stuff. But when people go nuts en masse, and some who know better encourage other people to REMAIN nuts, that isn’t a good thing.

Take a deep breath. Relax a bit. Hillary lost. She just lost. But life will go on. It’s OK.

And I’m sorry but the Obama presidency didn’t herald some new era in America anyway.