The Limits of American Patience, Also Obama was NOT a transformational president, Trump might be however

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The American people are a patient people. But we are tired. We are taxed. We are regulated. We are propagandized. We are dismissed as “deplorables.” (And even some of you who think that you are in no way a “deplorable” – you really are in the eyes of the political class. Sorry.) We are at our limit. In many respects.

(From American Greatness)

In other words, the cost of serving a soon $21 trillion debt will gobble up current discretionary spending. At the same time, an entire generation of the baby boomers is now above 62 and at increasing rates drawing on Social Security and Medicare, living longer, and demanding services that no elderly generation of the past imagined.

In reaction, Democrats snore and assume their costly redistributionist and entitlement agenda are sacrosanct. To ensure they are, they cut borrow-and-spend deals with supposedly frugal Republicans who want to increase defense spending at all costs.

The charade is to give each what the other wants, and then stage a mutual name-calling fight over who is responsible for the most borrowing—while privately agreeing not to touch Social Security and Medicare.

But once more what cannot go on, won’t go on. As interest costs rise and the debt grows, do not expect a big bang.

Rather, we will see a whimper. Insidiously what was deemed untouchable, will turn out to be rather easily unfunded—whether it is a new bomber program, a Medicare prescription drug benefit, or social services for illegal aliens. It is not set in stone that half the country shall always pay no income tax. Because the country is exhausted at the lying and conceit, it will simply shrug and get on with the downsizing, as in “stuff happens.” (Even in relatively small areas of expenditures, does the United States care whether there is no more money for the Gaza strip, or remittances to Mexico shrink to a $1 billion a year, or Germany fumes that it has to devote 2 percent of its GNP on defense?)

Donald Trump’s presidency is many things, but there is one common denominator with all that has transpired since November 2016. The once unimaginable can become normal.

For some people this is horrible. Indeed it seems that some folks can’t talk enough about how Trump “normalizes” certain behaviors. They fret. Mostly because they know it means that times are changing.

These people also fret because Obama tried to normalize all sorts of things, political correctness at the presidential level, the propagandizing of the press, the urban political machine on a national scale, the demonizing of the private sector, and so on, that much of America just outright rejected. But Trump, even in the face of unrelenting opposition, is doing a better job of normalizing his meta-agenda. At this point that is clear. Even with all of his problems.

And that just KILLS some people.