The Week: Why Trump is more popular than ever

The attached article is about half right.

The half that is right is interspersed with the typical anti-Trump disses we’ve all become accustomed to from the old media over the last year and a half. But the author is about HALF right and that bit is pretty good.

(From The Week)

There was, I like fondly to imagine, a different course that might have been taken here. It is just possible, I suppose, that members of my profession could have exercised their reasoning faculties to decide what in the administration was good, what was bad, what was unremarkable or indistinguishable from what any modern president would do, what was painfully idiotic, what was, perhaps, evil. We chose not to exercise this responsibility. Instead we decided to indulge in our live-action role-playing fantasies about being brave selfless journos taking on a mean demagogue because we love the Constitution so much.

2 things. I don’t think many in the current media establishment “love the Constitution so much.” I think many in the old media see the Constitution as a hindrance to “progress.” So let’s not go nuts here. But what the author also says above is that perhaps the media should have simply BEEN FAIR with Trump. Maybe they shouldn’t have treated him like some kind of monster. Because, the American people know that Trump isn’t a monster. Flawed, given to hyperbole, rough around the edges, mistaken on many important economic matters, often just an ass, but he is not a monster. And given that we had Obama before Trump who was at LEAST AS FLAWED as Trump, who I believe was an actual legitimate threat to the Constitution, the way the old media have acted with regard to Trump is ridiculous.

Much of America has just seen through the “journalists.” Much of the public see that the old establishment media became a propaganda wing for Obama, and then morphed into one for Clinton. And seeing this and the just comical attacks on Trump, many Americans have simply written off outlets like CNN and MSNBC. And frankly, they are right to do so in many respects. The American old media failed itself first by throwing in with Obama completely. But it also, and more importantly failed the American people by doing this. Then the media doubled down by pimping for Clinton. Then it doubled down again by going all wackadoodle once Trump came into the White House.

It’s called chasing a bad hand. 

People who are reasonably savvy see whats going on, and now even the cogs in the old media machine have to admit that they failed.