Thousands Flee in Myanmar amid Fighting between Army and Kachin Rebels

(From The Guardian)

Thousands of people have fled renewed fighting between Myanmar’s army and ethnic insurgents in the country’s remote north.

More than 4,000 people have been displaced in the country’s northern-most state of Kachin near the border with China in the last three weeks, the head of UN’s office for the co-ordination of humanitarian affairs (OCHA), Mark Cutts, said on Friday.

“We have received reports from local organisations saying that there are still many civilians who remain trapped in conflict-affected areas,” Cutts said.

The numbers do not include some 15,000 people who have fled since the beginning of the year, and more than 90,000 living in camps in both Kachin and Shan states since a ceasefire between the government and the powerful Kachin Independence Army rebel group broke down in 2011.

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