TIME STAMP IT: Paul Ryan’s retirement is the moment the media, the never-Trumpers, and the Dems said the House is in the bag for Democrats, GUARANTEED

“No…Don’t say it out loud”


I live in Virginia and I saw a mini Democrat wave here. Northern Virginia, filled with government employees and similar folks, turned out and they had a very very good day in the Commonwealth. Some have argued that the problem was that the GOP candidate for governor ran from Trump and that is why he lost. There is some truth to that. But the bigger and more important truth is that the people who full on believe what MSNBC is telling them, who care about things like abortion rights and gun control (largely “liberal” women), turned out to vote. They were/are angry. They felt that Hillary should have won. And they wanted to send a message. Consider who cares about Stormy Daniels. Do you? Probably not. Do the people who watch Oprah? Yes, very likely.

So there you go. A “blue” wave (blue is a conservative color but the Dems for some reason, largely because the GOP wanted red for some other stupid reason, have adopted it) is set to break on the shores of the swamp bringing Nancy Pelosi as Speaker (remember her taxpayer funded private jet, blech) and needed political nutrients to the big government swamp creatures. Trump will have been put in his place. The House will then immediately move to impeach. Trump will be disgraced. And the sun will rise over America like it hadn’t rejected Obama and his crew 2 years ago. The Dems will be vindicated. They will show that in fact the deplorables don’t matter. And then they will spend the next 2 years generally complaining and tut tutting while rolling their dentures around in their mouths. (Well Pelosi will do this.) That’s the way it’s supposed to go. That is the official version of future events.

But is the punditry really predicting the future? Maybe. If the deplorables don’t turn up it’s a guarantee that the Dems take the House. And that they won’t show up is widely assumed by the people in Washington and in the media. Trump might have been able to motivate people once to go down the more unconventional route. But twice? The powers that be don’t think so. The deplorables have been brow beaten into submission because, Russia, or affairs, or tweets, or something. The powers that be want to make it very clear that it is absolutely inevitable that the Democrats will take the House, and if people REALLY come to their senses maybe even the Senate. Soros is spending gobs to make sure this happens. Tom Steyer is spending gobs to make this happen. Many other people are spending gobs to make this happen. It simply MUST happen.

Because as you know Trump is a Russian backed, womanizing, loud mouthed, racist, moron. He’s WAY worse than people like Pelosi or Schumer for instance. Time to let the official political class take the reins again. Because Washington DC was way better before Trump. (Seriously think about how much Trump has made all these people scramble. We have lots of issues with the guy, as we always have to say, but how great has it been seeing the panic in the eyes of the establishment?)

Of course Trump, especially by letting Congress go nuts on the spending front hasn’t been doing himself any favors. Also by embracing the neocon establishment on the foreign policy front Trump has alienated those of us who saw him as preferable on the peace issue to Hillary Clinton. And libertarians (who like peace) played an important role on the margins in multiple elections recently. Ignoring them in 2018 would be unwise.

But Trump isn’t as daft politically as some may think (he did win the presidency and they did not). And even though the establishment thinks it has recalibrated for post-Trump election reality it is unclear that it has.

We’ll see soon enough. But for many people on the conservative side of things Paul Ryan leaving is fine. In fact it’s great. Rome wasn’t deconstructed in one election cycle.