Tom Steyer wants Trump impeached, and he’s mad that many Democrats don’t

Tom Steyer is kind of the poor man’s George Soros. He loves to spend money promoting big time statist policies. His footprint in think tank Washington DC is large, and people come begging to him for money all the time.

He is often happy to oblige. Just don’t have anything to do with liberty or freedom, and advocate for an expansionary state and the money will flow.

I wonder if he and Soros just use the same boilerplate contracts for their political grants?

Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg, and George Soros are the trifecta of American crony capitalism in many respects.

And the thing is, even if Trump is impeached like Bill Clinton Trump isn’t going anywhere. 2/3 of the Senate would have to vote to remove him.

Democrats would love to impeach Trump of course, if for no reason other than to just give the President a black eye. But many don’t want to come out and say that they want to impeach Trump for fear that they will awaken the wrath of latent Trump supporters in their districts. No, they want to keep things on the down low, not make too big a deal, and then go after Trump once they are safely re-elected, and they hope with a majority in The House.

Steyer however is a true believer. He really thinks he has the moral high ground. This extreme misunderstanding represents an almost Greek tragedy type of weakness.

Steyer’s a smart guy. He’s made a ton of money and done many things that others can/could not. However, sometimes someone who is vastly successful in one area, is less successful (in relative terms for Steyer, he’s had a few political wins, but he spent gobs of money getting these wins) in other areas.

Perhaps he will prove me wrong. Perhaps his zealotry is the best tack.

But I don’t think so.

(From The San Francisco Chronicle)

Last fall, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco called Steyer’s impeachment campaign a distraction from the party’s efforts to retake the House. She declined last week to talk about Steyer’s town hall tour.

To Steyer, it’s an outrage that in an area with one of the nation’s highest concentrations of Democratic voters, six House members — Pelosi, Swalwell and Democratic Reps. Jackie Speier, Ro Khanna, Anna Eshoo and Zoe Lofgren — voted against an impeachment resolution in January.

They weren’t alone — only 66 House Democrats supported the resolution. Among them were Bay Area Reps. Barbara Lee, Mark DeSaulnier, Mike Thompson and John Garamendi…

…He retains a big megaphone in Democratic circles because of the $91 million he spent on left-leaning causes and candidates in the 2016 campaign cycle and the $30 million he pledged to spend on registering 250,000 voters this year.

But, but, but…I’m rich. (Stamps foot into ground.)