Trump Administration Can’t Block Funding For Planned Parenthood Program, Judge Rules

(From UPI)

A federal judge in Washington state on Tuesday blocked a Trump administration directive to block funding to a Planned Parenthood program to prevent teen pregnancy in Western states.

U.S. District Judge Thomas Rice [Eastern District of Washington] said blocking funds for the Teen Pregnancy Prevention program could hurt the public interest.

“The Court finds that [Health and Human Services] arbitrarily and capriciously terminated the TPP Program,” Rice wrote in his decision, according to the Spokesman-Review. “The Court determines that the public interest weighs in favor of [Planned Parenthood], as it would prevent harm to the community…and prevent loss of data regarding the effectiveness of teen pregnancy prevention.”

In February, HHS rescinded funding of the TPP program, which was scheduled to go through 2020, on grounds that it was unsuccessful.

The grants to fund the program were supposed to run through 2020, but the Department of Health and Human Services said the grants would end in 2018 instead, arguing that the program was unsuccessful.

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