Trump Sanctions Russian Oligarchs

(From The Washington Examiner)

President Trump’s sanctions against an array of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s allies delivered “yet another blow” to relations with the former Cold War rival, according to Russian diplomats.

“Now, the sanctions cover captains of Russian business who refuse to play to Washington’s scenario,” the Russian embassy to the United States said in a statement carried by TASS, a state-run media outlet. “The United States has made yet another erroneous step to destroy the freedom of enterprise and competition, to impair integration processes in the global economy.”

On Friday, the Treasury Department sanctioned dozens of Russian businessmen and government officials, including seven “Russian oligarchs” targeted for their unofficial alliance with Putin. The Kremlin took offense at the term, even as U.S. officials credited Trump for putting a spotlight on corruption in Putin’s Russia.

“There are no oligarchs in Russia,” Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Friday. “I think the phrase ‘Russian oligarchs’ is inappropriate.”

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