USA Today: For many Americans, the Second Amendment is a defense against their own government (A reasonable article)

I don’t like guns particularly. I didn’t grow up hunting. My roots were planted deep in the suburbs. There was no NRA sticker in the back window of our minivan. But I am very happy that this country has the 2nd Amendment. And I am very happy that so many of my fellow Americans also see the importance of the 2nd Amendment. Particularly in the face of the current very well funded and well coordinated effort to curtail the 2nd Amendment.

The American people have just said “NO, we do not accept your misinformed anti-gun attacks. NO, we do not accept your emotionally driven and manipulative tropes. NO, you may not restrict our liberty. Period.”

(From The USA Today)

For most Americans, even those who believe in the right to insurrection, the notion of rising up against the government remains a very far-fetched scenario.

Jeff Hulbert, the founder of the Maryland gun rights group Patriot Picket, was one of the people who came to the Maryland House of Delegates to voice his concern about the proposed gun control legislation.

Hulbert believes that  gun ownership is a “checks and balances issue for anybody who reveres our democratic republic.” But he compares his right to take up arms in case of the government reaching what he calls an “intolerable” situation to a fire extinguisher kept in case of a possible emergency.

“It’s simply there,” Hulbert said. “It’s been written into the structure for a reason, but it doesn’t mean that it’s activated every election cycle.”

Hulbert said there are “four boxes” that can be employed to resist the government: the ballot box, the soap box, the jury box and, lastly, the ammo box. 

“Nobody I know believes that we have reached the end of the line for the four boxes,” Hulbert said. “We’re at the level of fear-mongering when we talk about the tyrannical overthrow of a government because our election cycles have seemed to work pretty well.”

Hulbert’s fellow Patriot Picket member Jim McGuire agreed.

Indeed, the AR-15 is like a fire extinguisher.