Watchdog reveals Obama administration provided $9 million to George Soros’ political activities in Albania

Well, you don’t say.

Nice that Obama would funnel $9 million of the taxpayer’s money to a very shady organization founded by a shady billionaire. (Hey why pay for it if one can lean on the president one sponsored and get those stupid deplorables to pay for it?)

(From The Washington Examiner)

The U.S. Agency for International Development under the Obama administration provided $9 million to a group supported by liberal billionaire George Soros that was then used to financially assist left-wing political activities in Albania, according to a new watchdog report.

Documents obtained by Judicial Watch show USAID pedaled the money through it’s Civil Society Project to aid Soros’ Open Society Foundations in Albania, and especially assisted the group’s attempts to provide the socialist government authority over the judiciary.

In total, $9 million was allocated for the “Justice for All” campaign, an effort overseen by Soros’ East West Management Institute, the documents reveal.